NewBuildingDrawingOur purpose is to know Jesus and make him known! The Center Point United Methodist Church is a place that offers ministries for those in need and focuses on youth development.

At Center Point United Methodist Church we have outgrown our current facilities. As a small rural community with approximately 350 members we have raised in excess of 1.25 million dollars. The current project will be built in three phases at our new location on Green Street with a project total of just over 4 million dollars. This is where we need your help!

We are currently 3 million dollars away from our goal and are reaching out to individuals, organizations & believers who want to invest in the youth and needy in rural America.

Benefits of Supporting Center Point United Methodist Church:

  • To know Jesus and Make Him KNOWN!
  • Help to serve the needy and youth of the surrounding areas.
  • Equip this church with the ability to host events to reach more of the un-churched.
  • Help to replace aging facilities that limit our ability to serve.

Our existing facilities are limiting our abilities to continue to serve the youth of the region, the elderly and host regional special events. Our existing facilities consists of 2 churches that currently are in need of repair and are over 100 years old and one temporary building we are using for our worship center.

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